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Standing Legislative Committee (10)
Room R231

Tyrone D. Gordon, chair, Kansas West
Joe W. Kilpatrick, vice chair, North Georgia
Judy J. Benson, secretary, Oklahoma

Amstutz, Allen W. South Indiana
Anderson, Mary Beth Illinois Great Rivers
Andrews, Iris East Ohio
Arroyo, Rose E. Northern Illinois
Asopo, Ashema S. Central Congo
Atwood, Judy K. Kansas East
Bah, Marian Sierra Leone
Becker, Eugene R. West Michigan
Benson, Judy J. Oklahoma
Blackwell, Dennis L. Southern new Jersey
Boyd, Lane Northwest Texas
Burnett, Sandra Memphis
Cade, Pasco J. Florida
Carson, Lee T. Texas
Causby, Jimmy Western North Carolina
Chatham, Betty J. Mississippi
Clark, Terry L. Illinois Great Rivers
Collier, Theordore C. Missouri West
Connolly, Phillip F. West Ohio
Cronin, Deborah K. Western New York
DeCarvalho, Maria J. Western Angola
Donner, James L. Western Pennsylvania
Duro-on, Pedro East Mindanao Philippines
Flanagan, Randall F. West Virginia
Fowler, F. Cole Nebraska
Frueh, Henry C. Troy
Fuller, Cynthia R. Central Pennsylvania
Galloway, Mary Ann West Ohio
Gburidema, Daniel S. Sierra Leone
Gibson, Thomas D. Eastern Pennsylvania
Goodpaster, Larry M. Mississippi
Gordon, Tyrone D. Kansas West
Grossman, Gail F. Pacific Northwest
Hathcock, Philip L. North Arkansas
Hill, Lynn Tennessee
Hook, Eugene B. Minnesota
Isip, Blas C. West Middle Philippines
Jackson, Kenneth J. Virginia
Jones, Richard H. Wisconsin
Kail, Edward A. Iowa
Kamwimba, Jinga North-West Katanga
Karvonen, Timo Finland-Finnish Provisional
Keels, Bernard (Skip) Baltimore-Washington
Key, mark J. Western North Carolina
Kilpatrick Joe W. North Georgia
Kimbrough, Walter L. North Georgia
Kohlhepp, Glenn B. Western Pennsylvania
Leister, Larry D. Eastern Pennsylvania
Little, Laura J. North Carolina
Marshall, Carolyn M. South Indiana
McAfee, Michael A.I South Georgia
McElroy, Amber Holston
Miller, Sarah S. Wyoming
Moncure, Jr., Rhymes H. Missouri East
Moore, Jason D. North Central New York
Moore, James W. Texas
Nkulu, Nshimba North Katanga
Okoko, Luhata R. East Congo
Parker, Carlton H. Peninsula-Delaware
Parris, Shirley New York
Peters, John B. Virginia
Peters, Rhoda A. Kentucky
Pierson, Robert D. Oklahoma
Pinson, Matthew North Georgia
Presnell, William M. North Carolina
Rankin, Nancy Burgin Western North Carolina
Reynolds, Cynthia North Indiana
Ridgeway, O'Neil North Alabama
Roughton, Philip H. Florida
Routley, Barbara Great Britain
Sales, Esrom S. Central Luzon Philippines
Salley, James H. South Carolina
Sawada, Mariellen California-Nevada
Self, Eddie North Alabama
Sewell, Peggy Rocky Mountain
Shamana, Beverly J. California-Pacific
Sieh, Robert Liberia
Skinner, James G. East Ohio
Slaugher, Michael B. West Ohio
Sowers, Gary D. Central Pennsylvania
Spencer, Beverly J. Iowa
Stroman, Pat Central Texas
Sweet, Elizabeth New England
Titus, Plylemon Detroit
Torio, Pedro E. Northwest Philippines
Ulmer, Susan South Carolina
Wende, Stephen P. Southwest Texas
Wenner, Rosemarie I. Germany Southwest
Wiley, Reba D. Alabama-West Florida
Willimas, Marie P. Louisiana
William, Thomas S. Baltimore-Washington
Wolf, Rex Virginia
Wright, Derrick R. North Texas
Young, T. Mike Central Texas

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