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Standing Legislative Committee (9)
Room R205A

Harold E. Batiste, Jr., chair, Southwest Texas
David A. Banks, vice chair, North Carolina
Margie M. Briggs, secretary, Missouri West

Alexander, Anthony C. Central Pennsylvania
Alford, Ben R. Tennessee
Alston, Jr., Calvin South Carolina
Amerson, Philip A. South Indiana
Atha, Grayson L. West Ohio
Baldridge, Mary A. Baltimore-Washington
Banks, David A. North Carolina
Bard, David A. Minnesota
Batiste, Jr., Harold E. Southwest Texas
Bishop, Shane L. Illinois Great Rivers
Bolinger, George Illinois Great Rivers
Bradley, Carol Ann West Ohio
Briggs, Margie M. Missouri West
Carruth, Augusta S. South Georgia
Crouch, Tim North Texas
Cuckler, Nancy East Ohio
Devadhar, Sudarshana North Central New York
Dillard, F. Douglas Virginia
Eby, John R. Eastern Pennsylvania
Fenn, Philip J. Oklahoma
Ferguson, Tyson Detroit
Fields, James C. North Alabama
Green, H. Sterling Peninsula-Delaware
Hanke, Gilbert C. Texas
Hardin, Jr., E. Wannamaker Western North Carolina
Hardman, Ron Virginia
Henry, Dan Northern Illinois
Hillman, Byrd Mississippi
Hogberg, Solveig Sweden
Hopson, Cynthia Memphis
Innes, Emily D. North Carolina
Jackson, Rhett South Carolina
James, Ricky Mississippi
Jennings, James F. Florida
Jennings, Irwin E. East Ohio
Johnson, Matthew G. Western Pennsylvania
Johnson, Charles I. North Indiana
Johnson, Dennis Holston
Jones, Chester R. Little Rock
Jones-Yelvington, Tim New York
Jung, Hee-Soo Wisconsin
Kainda, Mujinga South Congo
Kasongo, Disashi J. Central Congo
Kim, In Muk Western North Carolina
Loy, O. Fred Louisiana
Lux, William E. Iowa
McKeown, Sr., Leland P. Florida
Morales, Nelida Mora Florida
Myer, Chuck California-Nevada
Nelson, Jr., Julius S. Liberia
Numbi Bisongo, Yumba North Katanga
Ough, Bruce R. Iowa
Park, HiRho Y. Baltimore-Washington
Parker, Joe New England
Parker, Sr., Robert L. Oklahoma
Porter, James Central Texas
Potter-Miller, Jaime Western Pennsylvania
Powell, Robert L. Alabama-West Florida
Powell, Ida B. Virginia
Readdean, Shirley E. Troy
Rogers, P. Alice North Georgia
Sadler, Herb Alabama-West Florida
Severance, Robert Kansas West
Sowards, Charlotte M. Kentucky
Stewart, Thomasina S. West Virginia
Summers, kenneth T. Wyoming
Thai, Eva California-Pacific
Thompson, Odell V. Wisconsin
Turner, Richard Nebraska
Waters, Carolyn R. Nebraska
Whitaker, Keith C. Texas
Willamson, Dick North Georgia
Wilson, Laura Cean West Ohio
Winn, Lane C. Louisiana
Yamamoto, Dean S. Oregon-Idaho

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