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Legislative Process

  1. Petitions are sent by agencies, conferences, churches, and individuals.
  2. The petitions secretary assigns petition numbers. The numbers indicate the legislative committee, the chronological order, and the source.
  3. Petitions are printed in the Advance Edition of the Daily Christian Advocate (DCA).
  4. Reference committee reviews assignments by petitions secretary. They combine petitions and make new assignments to legislative committees as deemed necessary.
  5. Legislative committees act upon petitions and make recommendations to plenary session.
  6. Reports are sent to DCA. Copy is returned to committee officers for approval. Copy is sent to the General Conference secretary for a calendar number prior to being printed in the DCA.
  7. Plenary session acts upon calendar item.
  8. The action is printed in the Book of Discipline or the Book of Resolutions. The DCA becomes the official journal of the General Conference.










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